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Get our gorgeous DELUXE, LIMITED EDITION oracle deck & interactive digital guidebook.

THE COSMIC TRANSFORMATION ORACLE is the long-awaited creative collaboration between digital surreal artist Lindsay Kokoska - Infinite Mantra and mindset/mystical author Michelle Lewis - The Blessings Butterfly. So much Love has gone into the creation of this unique card deck and interactive digital guidebook.

Be among the first 500 people world-wide to own this incredible Deluxe Limited Edition oracle deck & interactive
 digital guidebook. This stunningly beautiful Deluxe Limited Edition deck includes our 56 large format cards in full color with gold foil edges, complete interactive digital guidebook, and deluxe 2-piece box with lid.

Perfect gift for both the experienced card reader and beginning card readers as well. Use for divination, affirmation, meditation, journal prompts, and more!

THE COSMIC TRANSFORMATION ORACLE is available for purchase and ready to ship!


About the Deck

The Cosmic Transformational Oracle Deluxe Limited Edition features 56 high-quality (350g art paper) large format cards with beautifully surreal digital images created by Lindsay Kokoska (@infinite_mantra) and luxurious gold foil edges.

This 56-card deck includes access to our exclusive, environmentally-conscious interactive digital guidebook to help support your journey, featuring detailed, Spirit-channeled messages for each card written by Michelle Lewis (@theblessingsbutterfly) and a variety of simple card spreads to support your journey.

So much Love has gone into the creation of this card deck and guidebook. Created during the height of the pandemic and Michelle's fight to beat breast cancer, the magick of healing and truly cosmic transformation imbues each card.

This Deluxe Limited Edition oracle deck already has great reviews rolling in!

"Thank you for this beautiful deck!" - Tracee S.
"These cards are SO beautiful and the messages are beautifully written." - Kelly C.

"This deck is magnificent." - Nicole L.

"OMG- You can FEEL the magick in these cards!" -Donna C.

"I LOVE working with your deck!" -Sarah G.


Lindsay Kokoska is an Intuitive Artist based in Nova Scotia, Canada, specializing in digital collage. 

“As an artist I draw inspiration from all aspects of my life. My exploration and development in my yoga practice; through seeking to link the worldly and the transcendent, and my love of travel and culture have allowed me to further my skills and passion in the world of art.

The art I create is dreamlike, with heavy influences of esoteric, spiritual and mystical connections. When I create art, I am channeling an energy; like a clairvoyant receiving a message, I connect to an energy and it guides me. I love utilizing sacred geometry, astronomy, nature, patterns and shapes to create thought provoking compositions.


I feel that my art manifests the power of intuition. I hope that my work inspires people to go inward, so that they can access a deeper vision, to be reminded of the connections between material and spiritual experiences. and see magic in their lives.”

All Artwork of Infinite Mantra is created by Intuitive Artist Lindsay Kokoska.


Lindsay can be commissioned for artwork and design collaborations

To work with Lindsay, visit her website:

Follow Lindsay on Instagram: @infinite_mantra

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Michelle Lewis (she/her/they) is the creator & founder of The Blessings Butterfly, a holistic coaching & energy healing practice based in Southern California, USA.


She is a writer, speaker, energy witch/healer, mindset coach and author of the Amazon bestselling positive affirmation books, The Blessings Butterfly and The Blessings Butterfly Companion Guide.


“As an Energy Witch and a Healer, I am honoured to receive and share powerful, positive messages from the spiritual world to help my clients overcome their challenges and cultivate transformation. I love to work with the tarot and different oracle decks, so co-creating this beautiful deck with Lindsay has been an amazing experience. It is my dearest hope that you will find the messages shared in these cards to be exactly what you need at that moment.”


To work with Michelle, visit her website:

Follow Michelle on Instagram: @theblessingsbutterfly

The Cosmic Transformation Oracle Deck

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